Administrative Law

We offer consulting legal services and assistance in filings and execution of contracts with various Federal, State and Municipal authorities, as well as with different governmental institutions. Our practice includes representation with the Government and advice in anticorruption regulations.

We have ample experience representing our clients’ interests in engaging with public contracts, including bidings and execution of contracts. Moreover, we assist in the solution of controversies derived from public contracts, offering effective and pragmatic solutions that cover the three main levels of government: Federal, State and Municipal.

Energy Law

The Firm’s areas of expertise cover industries such as hydrocarbons, renewable energies and electricity, tending to the specific regulations for each activity in Mexico, from the moment of set-up, participation in public contracts, energy biddings, governmental relations and solution of controversies.

Governmental Relation

Our main objective is to provide integral counseling during each and every one of the stages of the public procurement process and execution of public works, whether it is held by direct allocation or public bidding. The services we provide include filing of administrative paperwork and compliance of obligations related with our clients’ activities.


We assist our clients in the prevention of acts of corruption. Furthermore we provide solutions to conflicts derived from situations or activities of such nature in which our clients might be affected.

Administrative Litigation

We offer integral counseling for the defense of our clients’ interests regarding any act of Federal, State and Municipal authorities.